You do your best to live in peace with everyone, always willing to help and graciously submitting to authority—just like God’s Word tells you. But lately, you have become so stressed and concerned with pleasing people that you find yourself constantly desiring their approval and attention. When you don’t receive it, feelings of rejection, inferiority and low self-esteem start to creep in. It’s never wise to look for or depend on approval among men. God knows the sincerity of your heart, and it pleases Him that you desire to obey Him and bless others. He approves of your pleasing others if it is right. Ask Him to help you to keep a healthy balance in your relationships—beginning with Him. He created you and crowned you with dignity and has given you status as His child. Your worth and value come from Him, not man. It’s not easy to please people, so stop feeling like you must. When you have done your best, and it is not good enough for others, remember that God loves you for who you are, not what you do. He looks at your heart. Trust Him to help you do your best and after that do not worry. Rest assured that He is pleased with your sincere heart and effort, and He will reward you.