Sunday is Father’s Day. So, on this “Giving Friday” I want to talk to you about our heavenly Father, and how He set the standard for giving when He graciously gave His only Son, Jesus, as the sacrifice to pay for the sins of mankind. Why did He give us Jesus? The Bible says it was because He loved us (John 3:16). If you’re a good and loving father who is concerned about the well-being of your children, then I would imagine you know what it means to care for and to raise your children according to godly standards. As a believer, if you are a father, then God expects you to step up to the plate and become “a real father.” As our example, He expects you to realize that you have been called to be a godly example for your children as you provide for, protect, and train your children to live for God. The choices you make, and the things you say and do in life become the example for them to follow. Psalms 119:90 says this about God: “Thy faithfulness endures to all generations.” The only way you can succeed at being a father, according to God’s standards, is to be faithful to your responsibility to teach your children to live by godly principles—to give them what God has so graciously given you. Your footsteps—the kind of life you live before them—show the path you’ve chosen, the morals and values you live by, and ultimately the legacy you will leave for your children. Remember to honor your father on Sunday.

Just as God has blessed you with resources to be able to help others, He’s also given you the resources to help support ministries like The Faith Center Ministries. If you’ve never given to help support this ministry and would like to, I’d like to give you that opportunity today. Just go online to and click “GIVE.” You can also “text-to-give” by texting the word TFCGIVE to 73256, or by using our CASH APP. Thank you so much for being part of all God is doing here at The Faith Center.