This is a great season. I know, you’re wondering how I can say that considering what the world has been through in the past few months. Well, I can say it because I know what God is saying to me. And He’s showing me how, even through something as devastating as a pandemic, He can and will bless His people. He can give us, as believers, uncommon opportunities to do great things for the Kingdom of God—beginning with leading and pointing people to Jesus. That’s why it’s a great season. In the midst of the chaos, the worry and concern, people are looking for answers. And it’s up to you and me to help them find those answers—to help lead them out of darkness and despair and into the light of the blessed life in Jesus Christ. To help free people from the bondage of fear and show them the reality of faith in God and His Word. So, let me ask you: Are you listening to what God is saying and paying attention to what He is doing? And are you positioned, prepared and ready to step up and seize whatever opportunity He presents for you to represent Him in the earth? Now is the right time. This IS a great season!