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Divine Protection!

If you’re a born-again believer, then you are never without God’s divine protection. That may be hard to believe, especially considering the devastation suffered by so many, including Christians, as a result of such things as natural disasters. But the Word of God plainly tells us that as children of Almighty God, we have a secure foundation. We find one such assurance in Psalm 91:3-4, The Message, where it says: “He rescues you from hidden traps, shields you from deadly hazards. His huge outstretched arms protect you—under them you’re perfectly safe; his arms fend off all harm.” Verses 9 and 10 tell us, “Because God’s your refuge, the High God your very own home, evil can’t get close to you, harm can’t get through the door. He ordered his angels to guard you wherever you go.” God’s divine protection. It’s one of the benefits of living in His Word.


Forgiven, and Forgotten!

Everything you need to be successful and live a prosperous life is available to you right now, today! That’s part of the abundant life Jesus said He came to give all who would believe on Him (John 10:10). But what if living such a life—having a prosperous and successful future—depended on what was in your past? Would there be anything back there to keep you from living an abundant tomorrow? Fortunately, if you’re a born-again child of God you don’t have to be concerned about the past, or your future. When you became born again, whatever sins you committed were forgiven, and forgotten. God wiped your slate clean, and threw away any remembrance of your wrong. In fact, the Bible says He cast them away as far as the east is from the west and promised to never remember them again. Forgiveness of sin. It’s one of the benefits of living in God’s Word.


Remember His Benefits!

When we’re faced with difficult situations, sometimes it’s easy to forget who we are as believers, or what it means to be a child of God. That’s why David reminds us to always remember the benefits that belong to us because we received Jesus as our Lord and Savior. In Psalm 103:2-5, New Living Translation, “Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things he does for me. He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases. He redeems me from death and crowns me with love and tender mercies. He fills my life with good things. My youth is renewed like the eagle’s!” All these blessings come through the blood of Jesus Christ, and as believers you have the authority, by that blood, to joyfully receive them from the hand of our heavenly Father. Are you embracing the benefits of living in God?


Live In the Word!

Did you know when you live according to God’s Word, you position yourself to live a blessed life in which you never want for anything? Jesus was clear on that when He said in John 10:10 that His purpose for coming was that we, as believers, “can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of” (The Message). When we believe and obey the Word of God, doing exactly what it says, then we are walking in the truth. We are walking in God’s will, and walking in the will of God always leads to abundance. That’s God’s way: Believe and obey His Word, live according to His will, and He will bless you. It’s an invitation that is open to anyone who will believe His Word and receive Him as Lord of their life.


Filled With His Power!

If you are a Christian, then you are filled with spiritual power. On the other hand, you of your own self have no power. That may sound like a contradiction, but let me explain. In Matthew 28:18-19, Jesus told His disciples, “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.” Luke 9:1-2 says, “Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases. And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick.” Now, do you understand? The Bible says as a believer, you are a joint-heir with Jesus. That means everything He has, you have. Jesus said, “all power is given unto me.” And as we see in Matthew, and again in Luke, He gave us His power so that we could do the same kind of works He did. That’s just one of the many benefits we received when we accepted Jesus as Lord over our lives.


Seek Him First; Keep Him First!

Let me ask you a question: What exactly is it that you want out of life? Whatever it is, wherever you are believing God to take you, you can get there. Proverbs 16:3 says, “Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.” When you commit your works unto God, when you put Him first in everything, He will work with you and see that your thoughts, your desires, are accomplished—according to His will for your life. You’ve spent all this month focusing on Jesus, and the power of His Resurrection. Now, it’s time to let His power do its work in you. Seek Him first, put Him first, and keep Him first—in everything you do. He has already planned your success and victory!


Your Resurrection Life!

What do you think about when you hear the word, resurrection? If you’re like many, your mind goes back 2000 years to remembering Jesus: His death, burial, and His Resurrection. You probably envision an empty tomb, and the stone having been rolled away as Jesus, our Lord and the Savior, was raised from the dead. Resurrection does signify newness of life, but not just for Jesus. It means new life for you, the believer, as well. When you made Jesus Christ the Lord of your life, you became a partaker of the new life He represents and gives. Today, you are a resurrected being. You have the Spirit of God inside you, and sin no longer reigns in your mortal body. Your spirit man has been resurrected, raised up to a new life. And just like Jesus, you have victory over Satan, sin, death, and the grave. Step into your new life—your Resurrection life!


Keep Your Hope Alive!

Imagine how Jesus’ disciples must have felt after seeing their Master crucified, and His broken, disfigured body later wrapped up and sealed in a tomb. According to the Bible, many believed that along with Jesus’ death went their hopes and dreams of ever being delivered. But those who truly believed in Him as the Son of God remembered what Jesus said in the days leading to His crucifixion. They recalled Him saying, “I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of” (John 10:10, The Message). That promise still stands today. It may seem like your hopes and dreams have been destroyed—that they have been wrapped up just as tightly as Jesus was when He was placed in the tomb. Just remember, Jesus rose from the dead just like He said. And when He returned, hope sprang alive in the hearts of those who followed Him. As one of His followers, don’t let your hopes and dreams die. Your Savior is alive and so are His promises to you!


He Is Risen!

This Sunday we celebrate Easter—the time when we remember the death, burial and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s a powerful reminder of the salvation and deliverance behind the blood of Jesus and what it means to us today, as members of His Body. As you worship in church this weekend, take time out to reflect on Jesus, His sacrifice, and all that His death, burial and Resurrection mean for you through your salvation. Also remember God’s promises to you. Recognize your position in Christ and claim your inheritance as God’s heir. Make sure your focus is always on the Savior and the finished work on Calvary that has blessed us all with such a wonderful and exciting life in Him. Happy Easter!


You Really Do Need Him!

Not everyone believes in God, or that we need Him in our lives. I could offer a number of reasons we should, including Matthew 6:33: “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need” (New Living Translation). God has all the things you need to live an abundant, healthy, successful, and joyful life. When you put Him first, He takes ownership of your family, your business, your health, your finances—everything! And He manages it all with great love, wisdom and care. Seeking God, and putting Him first, is how you prosper, fulfill His plan and reach your destiny.