Before you were born again, you were part of the world—a part of darkness (Ephesians 5:8). So, it was quite natural for you to reflect the worldly things the world reflects. But once you became a Christian, Jesus, the Light, came to live on the inside of you and those old things—those sin habits of darkness—moved out and were replaced with a new righteous spirit. Christians are called to bring light to a dying world, not be part of it. They don’t partake of the kinds of things the world gets involved in. If they do, they will end up stumbling in darkness and not knowing in what direction they’re headed—just like the world. That’s why Jesus said, “Walk by the light you have so darkness doesn’t destroy you” (John 12:35, The Message). What about you? Are you allowing yourself to be used as a reflection of the Greater One who resides on the inside of you? Are people able to look at you, to watch your ways, to listen to your words and see a light that could only radiate from God? Reflecting the Light, which is Jesus, is what you have been called out of darkness to do.