When the children of Israel came to the Red Sea, and Pharaoh’s army was chasing them fast and furiously, they had nowhere to turn. But God’s protection was with them. The cloud He had provided to lead them simply switched positions, moved to the rear of the Israelites, and shielded them from their enemy. Today, God will treat you no differently than the children of Israel. Just as He provided a protective shield for them, He’ll do the same for you. You are covered and protected by the blood of Jesus. And no matter what comes against you, whether it’s against your body, your finances, your marriage or your family, you have direct access to the throne of God. You can say, “Oh, no, devil, this is where you stop. There is a blood line between me and you and you cannot cross it. I bind you, in the Name of Jesus. You don’t have the right to touch me, my family, my marriage, my finances or my business. So, in Jesus’ Name, stop coming against me and everything that belongs to and concerns me—NOW!” As a son or daughter of Almighty God, you have that authority. Not only that, but you have God backing you and providing for your protection, deliverance and victory!