The days ahead for all of us are filled with great responsibility and challenges as we deal with everything from family relationships and health issues to employment and finances. But as we approach these times, we do so with confidence that God is on our side, and that He has already equipped us with every tool we need to guarantee our journey is successful and that we will be victorious. The important thing is for us to have the power of prayer working in our lives daily. Jesus told His disciples in Luke 18:1, New Living Translation, to “always pray and never give up.” And in a letter he wrote to the church at Thessalonica, Apostle Paul urged the people to “Pray without ceasing.” In other words, “Don’t stop praying. Never give up. Keep your trust in God.” When we pray in faith, we have God’s undivided attention and, as James 5:16, NLT, says, we produce “wonderful results.” Wonderful results are what we should be expecting as we continue our journey through this new year. If you haven’t already, decide now that this year you will spend quality time with God, learning more about Him and enjoying fellowship with Him more. Make time to read your Bible daily and then talk with God in prayer. As you do, your faith will be increased. God will strengthen you to face whatever challenges that might confront you—having full assurance that He is with you, in front, behind and all around.