I can’t think of one person I’ve ever met who didn’t want to become successful and prosper in life. But I can think of many who, for one reason or another, have never reached their goals because they lacked faith in God. You see, Scripture is clear that without faith it is impossible to please God. Jesus emphasized that with even just a little faith—only the size of a mustard seed—you can move mountains out of your life and see doors open that, in the natural, would otherwise be locked tight.The world’s system will always try to offer you other means to become successful or get rich quick. Some of these schemes seem so easy, but they’re not realistic and they are temporary. Worse, they will probably cause you to compromise your faith and the eternal values that are crucial to God’s destiny for you. Having faith in God is the simple guaranteed formula for all the success you will ever need in life. That’s because faith in your heavenly Father is the foundation for your success and enjoyment of life.

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