Ever had this experience? Your day was all planned out—including beginning it by spending time with the Lord. Then, the unexpected happens. First you oversleep, leaving little or no time for Bible reading. Then, you turn on the TV to check the weather and a news report catches your attention. Or maybe your child just doesn’t want to cooperate in the morning, and now you’re going to be late getting to work. Your intentions were good when you started out your day, but nevertheless you’ve accomplished nothing. Most importantly, you’ve allowed distractions to keep you from spending time in prayer and reading God’s Word.

God knows you have things to do, that you have responsibilities to your family, your job or business, that require your attention. He doesn’t expect you to spend every waking hour in prayer and reading His Word. What He does expect, though, is that we not forsake Him or His Word—that we don’t become so preoccupied with other things that we don’t make time for Him. He expects us to put Him and His Word first place in our lives, above everything else. That means avoiding distractions that threaten to steal or demand our attention and focus from our fellowship with God and His Word. Nothing is more important than knowing God’s Word and having it firmly planted in our hearts. That’s the only way we can share it with others and impact the world for Jesus. Don’t neglect God’s Word by allowing yourself to become distracted by the cares of the world.