There was a time, not so long ago, when integrity was honored and valued. But today, those who insist on living that type of lifestyle often face ridicule from a society that has become jaded by rampant corruption in nearly every sphere. How about you? Have you ever yielded to temptation, knowing it was the wrong thing to do—that it amounted to being dishonest and was against everything you knew God’s Word represents?The truth is, at some point, every person has been tempted to compromise in some area of life. They have made decisions and choices they knew were not pleasing to God, and compromised their faith in Him and the destiny He planned for them. But it doesn’t have to end that way. God has made it clear that it is His good pleasure to give you the things that make for a successful life. His only requirement for such a blessed life is a heart that is above compromise—a heart that is focused on loving and trusting Him. Your heavenly Father knows the things you need before you even ask Him, and just like a good father He will make sure that you always have the things you need to succeed and prosper.

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