Am I falling out of love and fellowship with God? That’s something many believers wonder when their prayer life starts to wane, or they don’t seem to be hearing from God like they did when they first became excited Christians. God seems to be so distant from them now. If that’s how you feel, then here’s some advice: Stop reading your Bible or praying as a religious duty or obligation. God wants you to spend time with Him, but He’s more interested in the quality of time you spend together than the quantity.

It’s easy for our time with God to become boring when every day repeats the same old routine—reading a chapter and saying a quick prayer. But there is so much more to our relationship with our heavenly Father. He loves us more than we know, and He wants to be an active and intimate part of our lives, not just our ordinary routine. If your private time with God has become boring, it doesn’t have to be. Ask Him to help you come up with different ways to make your daily fellowship with Him more exciting. He will meet you where you are and lead you to a higher level in your faith walk in Him.