Carol and I are honored that you are considering entering into covenant partnership with us, and with Henry Fernandez Ministries-joining us in faith and believing together for God’s best as we carry the message of Jesus around the world.

Partnership with HFM is not just a relationship among friends. It’s a spiritual connection-a union of hearts and minds, designed by God to last a lifetime! It’s individuals coming together in agreement with God and His Word, uniting as one, as we strive to see His blessing poured out into the lives of people all over the world.

Through partnership, this ministry is not just ours-it also becomes yours. The anointing God has placed on us is also available to you. And the more Anointing of God we have the more we are able to do TOGETHER!

Partnership connects us in the spirit, and when we are connected in the spirit we can accomplish much greater things for the glory of God than we can by ourselves. Everything we do here at HFM-every life that is reached, every soul that is saved-is credited to your heavenly account just as much as it is ours. You go with us “into all the word,” preaching and teaching God’s Word and seeing lives transformed as the enemy is defeated.

We encourage you to  become a covenant partner by filling out the information below.

Together, we will reach the world as we build God’s kingdom!

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