What dreams of success do you hold deep in your heart? What is it that you desire to accomplish or become that would bring you great satisfaction and fulfillment? Whatever it is, you should know that you have the potential to reach your goals and see your dreams manifest—right now! That’s because God has already given you everything you need to attain greatness in this life. He has planted seeds of greatness inside you—seeds in the form of gifts, talents, skills and abilities—that He expects to grow you into true greatness. That means living a life marked by His favor, and enjoying the incredible blessing that accompanies that favor.

The world measures greatness in terms of physical or material success. But true greatness, the kind that comes from God, begins in the very heart of God—where your value and worth never diminish. In God’s eyes, every person is of equal value. No one gets extra points because of what they accomplish, and no one is penalized for their failures or weaknesses. Don’t measure yourself based on what others are doing. God equipped you with certain abilities. Now, it’s up to you to maximize those abilities by yielding to Him and His Word so He can work in and through you, and bring out the greatness in you. That is His plan, purpose and destiny for you.

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