Successful. Prosperous. Victorious! From a spiritual perspective, that’s how God sees you and me, and our position in this life. Actually, He can’t see us any other way because, as His children, we are just like Him. But though we recognize who we are in Christ Jesus, sometimes, in the natural realm, it requires us doing more than usual to get to the point where people actually see us in the same way God sees us. Especially when the enemy is doing everything possible to keep us from living the blessed and prosperous life God has planned and prepared for us. Sometimes we have to push a little harder or go the extra mile. The good thing is, because God has made us to be like Him, and because the Bible says as Jesus is, “so are we in this world” (1 John 4:17), we can be confident we have what it takes to overcome the tricks and avoid the traps of the enemy. We have everything we need to push through, to fight to stay in the game, and overcome any obstacle. When we are determined to get to the place God has prepared for us, and enjoy the blessings He has for us, we are going to face opposition. But it is God’s desire that we stand firm, strong and bold in Christ Jesus, and press our way through to victory. Despite whatever obstacles, threats or attacks that confront us, we must be like Apostle Paul and persevere to the end, pressing toward the mark for the prize.