• Powerful message ministered by Bishop Henry Fernandez at The Faith Center on 4/19/15.
  • Faith. It’s an exciting journey that every believer should enjoy; knowing God’s plan for their life is one of fullness and abundance, peace, joy and victory. Blessing and provision await you at every turn. But for some, the Christian experience is just the opposite. They continue to live in helplessness, content to accept what comes and hoping for better. At some point, we all face challenges in life—some greater than others. But as Henry Fernandez share’s in this eye-opening message, God helps you learn to endure hardship as a good soldier (2 Timothy 2:3) and enjoy the faith journey. Don’t settle with just barely making it in life. Discover that God has given you the weapons you need to defeat the enemy, and enjoy the benefits of your new life in Christ—as a world overcomer.
  • Powerful message ministered by Bishop Henry Fernandez at The Faith Center on 7/5/15.
  • You were not created as an afterthought. God made you on purpose, for a purpose, and He intends to see you live out His purpose in this life. In Living With a Purpose Henry Fernandez explains how, in the same way we use a GPS in our vehicle to help us reach our destination, God has placed a GPS—His Holy Spirit-inside each of us to help us fulfill our purpose in life. Follow the directions of God's Holy Spirit, and you can't miss it. You won't get lost and you're guaranteed to arrive at your destination—and fulfill your God-given purpose. Discover what it means to live determined to fulfill God's purpose for your life.
  • When Naaman sought to be healed of leprosy, a prophet of God told him to go and wash in a dirty river. When the lame man sitting at the gate of the temple asked God’s servants for money, he received divine healing instead.

    Though it may not seem important to you, location always matters to God. Where you are in God can mean the difference in receiving His best and living in lack. In this 4-CD series, Henry Fernandez looks at the lives of these and other Bible characters to examine why it is important to always be where God wants you—in the right place, at the right time—so He can get His blessings to you.

    Discover that God has a strategic plan that, while it may not seem right to you, will always lead you to success and victory. Where you are may not seem like the right place, but it may be right where God wants you to be. It’s the place where He can pour out His blessings in your life. Find the right place that matters to God, so you can receive the best from Him.

  • Now What?

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    3 Disc Set: Then What? | Stay Calm | Hands Up, Hands Out What do you do when everything seems to be falling apart? When your health is failing, your finances are drained, your marriage is a mess and family relationships are in utter chaos? With so much stress and tension, it’s easy to feel that you’ve finally reached your breaking point. In these three impactful teachings, Henry Fernandez offers hope and encouragement that assures you that God is still in control—that in trying times you have reason to not give up, but look up to Him. You’ll learn that, while trouble somehow has a way of finding you no matter what, it doesn’t last always. Through exercising your faith in God and obeying His Word, you can overcome whatever obstacles life throws at you. No one is exempt from the negative challenges of life. But under no circumstances should you yield and give in to them. Instead, you can trust God to show you how to navigate through the storms of life—to stand in the face of trouble with your head up, and wait for your deliverance.
  • Push To Reach Your Goals

    Speaker: Bishop Fernandez
  • Redefining Moments

    Speaker: Bishop Fernandez
  • Speaker: Bishop Fernandez 2/10/19
  • Take God Out Of The Box

    Let's face it... when it comes to doing certain things, we have limitations. We can go but so far, or do but so much. In this revealing teaching, Henry Fernandez helps us understand that our limitations have nothing to do with God's abilities and that, through His Word working in us, we have no limitations. We can do all things through Christ and His strength (Philippians 4:13)! Don't box God in by allowing your natural limitations to keep Him from working in your life. Take Him out of the box? recognizing that His Word inside you is alive and active, and that it is capable of producing far beyond anything you can ever do on your own.
  • The Greatness in You

    Powerful message ministered by Bishop Henry Fernandez at The Faith Center on 4/19/15.