• Get ready to experience the joy of moving from the ordinary to the extraordinary through these life-changing stories of God’s empowerment, recorded live at The Faith Center Ministries in Sunrise, Florida, during the Women’s Empowerment Seminar.
  • Now What?

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    3 Disc Set: Then What? | Stay Calm | Hands Up, Hands Out What do you do when everything seems to be falling apart? When your health is failing, your finances are drained, your marriage is a mess and family relationships are in utter chaos? With so much stress and tension, it’s easy to feel that you’ve finally reached your breaking point. In these three impactful teachings, Henry Fernandez offers hope and encouragement that assures you that God is still in control—that in trying times you have reason to not give up, but look up to Him. You’ll learn that, while trouble somehow has a way of finding you no matter what, it doesn’t last always. Through exercising your faith in God and obeying His Word, you can overcome whatever obstacles life throws at you. No one is exempt from the negative challenges of life. But under no circumstances should you yield and give in to them. Instead, you can trust God to show you how to navigate through the storms of life—to stand in the face of trouble with your head up, and wait for your deliverance.
  • Living in God’s abundance, and embracing His best for your life. That’s what God intends for every believer to experience every day, and in every area of life. And it comes through knowing and understanding what He has provided for you in every way. Recorded live at The Faith Center Ministries in Sunrise, Florida, and delivered by three of God’s most anointed ministers—Henry Fernandez, Steven Furtick and Dave Martinthese dynamic messages will help you understand what God’s abundant provision means for you, and show you how to embrace His best for your life—everyday! Discover the blessing of God’s supernatural abundance, and prepare to embrace the fullness of His promises to you—TODAY!
  • “The Process vs. The Message.” It’s a message I believe will totally change the way you look at whatever negative situations you face. You can receive a copy of this revealing teaching by sending a love gift of $20 in support of this ministry.
  • Fight

    Life’s challenges can sometimes seem insurmountable. Gaining victory over them is seemingly impossible. But as you’ll discover in this 3-message series, with God all things are possible. And that includes winning EVERY battle you face. Discover that life’s battles truly belong to God—and He’s already won them all. Stand your ground, with the Word of God as your weapon, because the devil has already been defeated and the victory is YOURS! Message titles include: Stop Running Away from Challenges, Press On! and You’ve Got to Survive! You’ve been running from the battle long enough. It’s time to stop running and begin winning. Don’t run from the battle! Run to it! Arm yourself with the Word of God, turn and face your enemy—and FIGHT. It’s Your Time to Win!
  • It is certain that, as you venture through your spiritual journey, you are likely to face temptations, tests or trials of some kind. As the Bible warns, many are the afflictions of the righteous. As Christians, we should expect and be prepared for such challenging times while on this journey of faith. But none of those things should cause us to become distracted to the point of taking our eyes off our true calling and purpose, which is to point people to Jesus Christ by sharing the Good News of the gospel. These three powerful teachings will show you how to stand strong as you face the challenges that come with running your spiritual race, and help you navigate through the process on the way to fulfilling your purpose of sharing the message. Series includes three teachings, including The Process vs. The Message, It’s Already Done! and Don’t Go It Alone.