• Powerful message ministered by Bishop Henry Fernandez at The Faith Center on 6/5/16.
  • It's inevitable that at times, you will face circumstances and situations that, from the natural viewpoint, look like they will never get better. But as Henry Fernandez shares in this powerfully revealing teaching, as born-again believer, even though we live in the natural world, our faith is based in the spiritual realm—where God says everything is going to be alright! We live by faith in God, not by our senses. Don't allow circumstances or situations to keep you from moving forward and receiving God's blessings. Discover how applying your faith to every situation will help you navigate around any obstacle and give you the assurance and comfort to stand, no matter how difficult things may seem.
  • We all experience times when we feel abandoned by God—that our prayers are going unanswered and He has turned His face against us. But as you’ll discover in this revealing teaching, that’s when you should praise God the most. He has not abandoned you. You are actually experiencing a “God-moment” in life where He is positioning you for a spiritual upgrade. Learn how praise is your weapon to ward off Satan’s distractions, and unlock the windows of heaven so God’s blessings can be poured out on you. Don’t let the devil’s lies cause you to blame God, step out of His will and miss your victory or your blessings. Re-position yourself by exercising your faith in God and believing His Word. Focus on Him and what He has already done and promised to do in your life. Let praise become your weapon, and watch God give you a spiritual upgrade.
  • When Naaman sought to be healed of leprosy, a prophet of God told him to go and wash in a dirty river. When the lame man sitting at the gate of the temple asked God’s servants for money, he received divine healing instead.

    Though it may not seem important to you, location always matters to God. Where you are in God can mean the difference in receiving His best and living in lack. In this 4-CD series, Henry Fernandez looks at the lives of these and other Bible characters to examine why it is important to always be where God wants you—in the right place, at the right time—so He can get His blessings to you.

    Discover that God has a strategic plan that, while it may not seem right to you, will always lead you to success and victory. Where you are may not seem like the right place, but it may be right where God wants you to be. It’s the place where He can pour out His blessings in your life. Find the right place that matters to God, so you can receive the best from Him.

  • Enduring the Process Series:  2 of 3 “The Process vs. The Message.” It’s a message I believe will totally change the way you look at whatever negative situations you face. You can receive a copy of this revealing teaching by sending a love gift of $20 in support of this ministry.
  • Enduring the Process Series 1 of 3 It is certain that, as you venture through your spiritual journey, you are likely to face temptations, tests or trials of some kind. As the Bible warns, many are the afflictions of the righteous. As Christians, we should expect and be prepared for such challenging times while on this journey of faith. But none of those things should cause us to become distracted to the point of taking our eyes off our true calling and purpose, which is to point people to Jesus Christ by sharing the Good News of the gospel. These three powerful teachings will show you how to stand strong as you face the challenges that come with running your spiritual race, and help you navigate through the process on the way to fulfilling your purpose of sharing the message. Series includes three teachings, including The Process vs. The Message, It’s Already Done! and Don’t Go It Alone.
  • Life’s challenges can sometimes seem insurmountable. Gaining victory over them is seemingly impossible. But as you’ll discover in this 3-message series, with God all things are possible. And that includes winning EVERY battle you face. Discover that life’s battles truly belong to God—and He’s already won them all. Stand your ground, with the Word of God as your weapon, because the devil has already been defeated and the victory is YOURS! Message titles include: Stop Running Away from Challenges, Press On! and You’ve Got to Survive! You’ve been running from the battle long enough. It’s time to stop running and begin winning. Don’t run from the battle! Run to it! Arm yourself with the Word of God, turn and face your enemy—and FIGHT. It’s Your Time to Win!
  • Powerful message ministered by Bishop Henry Fernandez at The Faith Center on 01/21/2018.
  • Powerful message ministered by Bishop Henry Fernandez at The Faith Center on 03/11/2018.
  • Powerful message ministered by Bishop Henry Fernandez at The Faith Center on 03/12/2017.
  • Powerful message ministered by Bishop Henry Fernandez at The Faith Center on 04/02/2017.