3 Disc Set: Then What? | Stay Calm | Hands Up, Hands Out

What do you do when everything seems to be falling apart? When your health is failing, your finances are drained, your marriage is a mess and family relationships are in utter chaos?

With so much stress and tension, it’s easy to feel that you’ve finally reached your breaking point.

In these three impactful teachings, Henry Fernandez offers hope and encouragement that assures you that God is still in control—that in trying times you have reason to not give up, but look up to Him. You’ll learn that, while trouble somehow has a way of finding you no matter what, it doesn’t last always. Through exercising your faith in God and obeying His Word, you can overcome whatever obstacles life throws at you.

No one is exempt from the negative challenges of life. But under no circumstances should you yield and give in to them. Instead, you can trust God to show you how to navigate through the storms of life—to stand in the face of trouble with your head up, and wait for your deliverance.