God is never taken by surprise. When it comes to you and your future, He has already preplanned your life. He has already made preparations for your success and victory regarding everything that concerns you—including whatever problems, struggles or uncertainties that try to hold you back. Every day, He is providing you with God moments—opportunities to exercise your faith and watch seemingly impossible situations become possible. He’s giving you opportunities in different, exciting ways—whether through people, places or things—that are perfectly suited for you. They will open doors and usher you into your new season of blessed success, prosperity and victory.

Every believer achieves success by confronting the challenges set before them—working diligently, and with great optimism to reach their goals. They step out in faith, trusting God to keep His Word and turn negatives into positives.

You can become everything God intends for you to be. But to get there, you must believe and acknowledge who you are in Christ Jesus, know He has plans for your success, and take hold of every opportunity He gives you to reach your destiny. All things truly are possible with God! And they begin for you when you, by faith, seize every God moment He gives so you can experience the glory of His presence, receive His blessing, and live in His abundance. Learn to embrace your God moments—NOW!