Battery Low! Who, in this modern age of technology, has not been shaken by this stark warning when their smart phone, laptop, or some other electronic device is running low on power and about to shut down? The immediate reaction is always the same: RECHARGE! No doubt, as a believer, you’ve been hit with similar warnings when your faith starts to wane—when your spiritual battery is running low because you’re not spending the proper time in worship and prayer with God and feeding on His Word. It’s normal to become so entangled with the busyness of life that we do things like skip meals or go without sleep. But when it comes to our faith, there is never a good reason or excuse for becoming weak, hopeless and defeated. Never become so busy that you allow the concerns of daily life to rob you of spending time with God. Stay connected to Him, and keep your faith charged by making prayer, and time for reading and studying God’s Word, your top priority.