What do you do when faced with a difficult or trying situation—when something bad happens and you can’t or don’t know how to handle it? At one time or another, this happens to us all. And in each case, we have only two alternatives: Either we become fearful and worried, or we exercise our faith that God will help us to get through the situation. The truth is, how you choose to handle difficulties in your life will always reveal the level of your spiritual maturity and faith. Life’s challenges have a way of separating the boys from the men, the girls from the women. I believe, in a sense, they are challenges God uses to show us His faithfulness to protect and provide for us; to increase our tolerance level; and to preserve us so we can escape temptation and resist the urge to give up and quit. Fear is a spirit, but it is not the kind of spirit that you, as a believer, should allow into your life. Second Timothy 1:7, English Standard Version, says “for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” That means fear is not from God and we have power and authority over it. We can exercise our love and trust in God so that we stay in faith, trusting that He will deliver us. And because we have the mind of Christ, we can do as He does—we can take control over our thoughts and feelings so we don’t yield to temptation and don’t allow fear to overtake us. You see, God is on your side and He will never fail you. He will help you get through and overcome anything that threatens you—whether it’s something as small as a splinter in your finger, or something as major as a pandemic—so you can always reject and overcome fear and embrace faith and victory!