At some point in life, we all have been challenged, threatened or confronted by problems or circumstances that caused us to become worried, fearful, or filled with anxiety. In those times, we sometimes tend to forget that we are not alone—that God is always with us. Not remembering that blessed truth doesn’t change the fact that, because He loves us so much, we have His divine favor (Isaiah 61:2). He is always ready, willing and able to take care of anything that is against us or that may try to separate us from Him. Not only does He control the universe, but He also watches over and takes care of your life. Despite what the enemy says or does, God is going to get the glory as He works out His purpose in you. Your responsibility is to seek His will, and leave the rest up to Him. He has given you His love, His power, His Word and His favor, to overcome whatever you are confronted with. You are more than a conqueror—you are an overcomer in Jesus!