If you’ve ever been on an airplane, then you’re familiar with the safety instructions given by the attendant prior to take-off. Instructions like: “Be sure all carry-on luggage is securely stored in the overhead compartment”; “Place smaller items below the seat in front of you”; and “Keep your seatbelt fastened anytime the seatbelt sign is on.” But the instruction I find most interesting is when the attendant addresses a possible drop in cabin pressure and says, “Please adjust your own mask first before assisting others.” Why is that? It’s because it’s impossible to help someone in distress if you’re unconscious. This is similar to what Jesus meant when He told His disciples in Mark 12:31 that they should “Love others as well as you love yourself” (The Message). In other words, treat them the same way you treat yourself. Ephesians, 6:11, New Living Translation, tells us to “Put on all God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against the strategies of the devil.” If you allow him, the devil can bring such pressure on you that you feel the breath has been knocked out or sucked out of you—both spiritually and naturally. You feel spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally drained. But God says when those times happen, He will open the windows of heaven and send down His Word—a spiritual oxygen mask of sorts—to be a protective covering so you can breathe in the freshness of His life and be revived. Every day, God gives us safety instructions that, if we obey them, will keep us conscious and alert. Moses had good intentions when leading the Israelites, but when his father-in-law noticed how Moses was wearing himself out trying by himself to help others all the time, he said: “… let me give you a word of advice…You should continue to be the people’s representative before God…Teach them God’s decrees, and give them his instructions. Show them how to conduct their lives” (Exodus 18:18-20, NLT). In other words, Jethro was saying to Moses, “Take care of yourself first, then you’ll be spiritually and physically equipped to save others.” Jethro knew that if Moses gave the people what God had given to him—God’s decrees—then they would be equipped to help themselves. At some point, we’re all subject to be confronted with the pressures of life. That’s when we need to reach up, pull down the spiritual oxygen mask of God’s divine protection, and apply it to our lives so we don’t spiritually run out of breath or suffocate. Allow God’s Word to breathe new life into your spirit, so you are prepared to go and share that life-giving “oxygen” with someone else.