If you’ve watched any type of sports competition, especially football or basketball, then you know just how true that statement is. I’ve seen the entire tide of a game change, and the victory go in the opposite direction, when there were only five seconds of playing time left on the clock. That’s a very frustrating and disappointing thing to experience, particularly for the team that was winning. But it happens. The good news for you as a believer, though, is that God does not serve time—time serves God! Just as it takes a split second to decide to disregard instructions from God and yield to the devil, it takes the same amount of time to rebuke and resist the devil’s taunting (James 4:7), acknowledge God’s voice and obey Him. For those who have experienced it, they know that the benefits and blessings of obedience to God—even when it’s a last-minute decision—far outweigh the consequences of yielding to the devil. Every day, God gives you another opportunity to take the ball and run with it. The question is, how will you handle your opportunity? Will you be unprepared and not in the right position so the ball is intercepted as it’s being thrown to you? Or will you allow God, through His Holy Spirit, to exercise His plan for your life—to execute the perfect pass or the perfect run so that you reach the finish line—the right way? There are God moments awaiting you. But to receive them, you must recognize them, and know how to respond to them. Remember—seconds can change the play of the day—and your life!