If you’re like me, your heart desires to help others in need—to always say yes when asked to lend a helping hand. That’s a very noble way to live. But the truth is, in trying to always be the “good Samaritan,” there’s a possibility that you do not pay close attention to or take proper care of things like your health, your family, and managing your finances. God wants us to be there when others need our help, but He also expects us to use wisdom when it comes to prioritizing our time and the daily affairs of life. Before you find yourself stretched so thin that you are not effective in anything you try to do, set some priorities—beginning with your relationship and fellowship with your heavenly Father. Start by asking God to give you His wisdom so you make right decisions. He will help you to acknowledge that you have limitations, and that there are times when it’s perfectly OK to give a polite, yet firm no and not feel guilty about it. He will also teach you how to think clearly, so you know how to plan more carefully, and avoid having to face a hectic schedule. God wants you to live a well-balanced life, free of stress and tension, void of confusion, failure, and disappointment. Ask Him to help you set the right priorities for your life, and then trust Him to help you successfully accomplish them. When you do, you’ll find your workload will be a lot lighter and easier to manage.