Another Christmas has come and gone. Gifts have been exchanged. Meals have been enjoyed. Family and friends have shared the joy of precious time together. But what about Jesus? Did you remember to take time to thank God for the greatest and most precious gift of all to mankind? Did you remember that Jesus is truly the only reason for the season? God’s gift to humanity did for you and me the one thing no one else could ever do. He laid down His life for us so that we “should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16). Never has there been a greater gift, nor will there ever be! God gave His best, and in turn we received His best—in everything. Even though Jesus is always there and ready to provide for you, don’t turn to Him only in times of trouble, or when you need something. Receive Him, love Him, worship Him, and let Him be the center of your everyday life. Let Him be the Gift that will forever keep on giving to you.