Right now there are many people, believers included, who are probably filled with uncertainty. They’re likely wondering things like, What is God saying in this hour? What about my hopes and dreams? Can I still believe that God is going to prosper me, not just in my finances but regarding my goals, or should I just abandon my dreams? The last few weeks have been challenging for us all. We find ourselves faced with the reality that life, and the things it has to offer, are just a vapor. Today, we have them, and in a moment it seems we can lose them. We wake up healthy, wealthy, strong and happy, and in no time at all it seems it can be taken away. That’s what many, including the poor, the wealthy, the young, the old, business owners, employees, families, students—people from every walk of life—are experiencing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Many have become fearful and depressed. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Especially when we have the promise of our Lord and Savior that He will never leave us alone. Instead of allowing yourself to worry or become fretful, take solace in knowing that God is faithful and always with you, even in the difficult times. As a believer, make sure the foundation for your hopes and dreams are built on Jesus Christ, the Solid Rock. Only then can you be assured that you are fully kept, safe and protected. The enemy may threaten you, but because Jesus has defeated him, his threats are empty. That’s why the Bible says no weapon formed against you will stand—but you will! Make sure your hopes and dreams are built on Christ Jesus, the solid foundation!