Yesterday marked the 28th anniversary of The Faith Center. It also served as a reminder to me of what faith in God’s Word, no matter how big or small, will do when it is properly applied. I like to say it this way: Faith in God will move mountains out of your life! This ministry was begun on what Jesus describes in Luke 17:6 as “mustard-seed” faith. It wasn’t “great faith,” as some would believe is required for God to move. But it was the kind of faith the Bible declares is necessary for God to move. In that verse, Jesus said your faith can be as small as the size of a mustard seed and you can still speak the Word of God and see what you say come to pass. That’s an amazing promise from God. But here’s the caution: Don’t read that scripture to mean you should settle for having small faith just because you know it will work for you. The greater your faith, the greater your victories. Use the faith you have, but use it believing God for even greater, bigger faith. And as you do, God will honor the faith you have.