As believers, how we respond to the things of God—the way we conduct ourselves in and out of His presence, and whether we obey His Word—speaks volumes regarding our walk with the Lord. If you’re a Christian, then your primary motive in life should be to promote God’s Kingdom. Your total desire should be to see others come to the same saving knowledge which you have: that Jesus is Lord, and that God loves them and wants to see them saved from sin. Unfortunately, there is a tendency among Christians today to say one thing, but do another. They express with their mouth that they love God, and that they will do whatever He commands. But when it comes down to obeying Him, and doing what His Word says, their words mean nothing because they don’t live up to what they have been saying. They choose to follow the dictates of their flesh, making it their god, and disobeying the true God. Their words are empty, and so is their faith in God. What about you? Where is your heart when it comes to the Church? What is the motive behind your serving God? And which god are you choosing to serve? The true and living God, or the god of the flesh?