Unmerited favor. We hear it mentioned a lot, but what exactly does it mean? Simply put, these two words describe God’s desire to do you good despite your unworthiness and your absolute inability to help yourself. The truth is, you can’t gain God’s favor, or increase the flow of His mercy in your life through your own efforts—by trying harder to do good. The Bible says it is by His grace that we are forgiven of our sins and redeemed unto God. It is His unmerited, or undeserved favor, that puts us in right standing with Himself and positions us to be successful and live victoriously. Take time to read and study God’s Word. Learn what it says about His promises, and the blessings He has in store for you. Then, use your faith—no matter how big or small it is—to believe and receive what already belongs to you. You do not work for it, but God’s love for you makes you righteous in Jesus to deserve it!