Have you ever done something wrong, whether intentionally or not, and thought, If only I had…, or If only I had not…? There’s a word to describe how you’re feeling. It’s called guilt. You’re sincerely repentant, and you’ve prayed and asked God to forgive you, but you’re still feeling guilty. Stop the guilt and condemnation! God knows your heart and how much you regret what you did, and He heard your penitent prayer. Regardless of how guilty you feel, there is no condemnation because He has forgiven you. He allowed the punishment for your wrong to be put on Christ Jesus. He’s not holding anything against you. His love, grace and mercy are greater than any wrong you have done. Let Him carry the burden of guilt so that you can enjoy the freedom of a clear conscience and a joyful heart. As His child, when you admit your wrong and ask forgiveness, He will forgive you and not bring it up again.