If you own a smart phone, then no doubt you’ve experienced dropped calls—those times when you’re talking with someone and suddenly static is on the line or there is “dead air” or silence when someone is talking. Either you can’t hear them, or they can’t hear you. When that happens, usually it’s because you’re in a bad spot. You’ve moved out of range of the cell tower that transmits communication signals and your connection has been interrupted. Usually, moving to another location or spot will fix the problem and you can hear clearly again. That’s how it is for some of us as believers. For the most part, we have clear or uninterrupted communication when it comes to hearing from God. We pray, meditate the Word and apply it to our lives, and we get answers. But there are times when, no matter how hard we pray, read and study God’s Word, nothing happens. Our connection to God seems to have been broken and we feel disconnected. We wonder, Why isn’t God answering me? Or, What have I done wrong? It’s in these times that we need to take inventory of our lives. We must examine ourselves, and the things we’re doing and allowing to monopolize our time, to see if they are distracting us to take our focus off Him. Maybe you’re dealing with a serious family matter. Or perhaps you’re having problems on the job or you’re concerned about a relative or a sick friend. Possibly, there’s someone in your life that you’re close to, but they’re having a bad influence on you. Whatever the matter, you cannot allow it to cause you to become disconnected from your relationship and fellowship with the Lord. John 8:47, New Living Translation, says, “Anyone who belongs to God listens gladly to the words of God. But you don’t listen because you don’t belong to God.” As a believer, you belong to God. But unless you get rid of the distractions in your life, unless you spiritually get in the right place for the right connection, you will always have problems hearing from your heavenly Father. If there is anything in your life today that is blocking your progress, that is keeping you from hearing clearly from God, you must shut it down. Get rid of the static and the emptiness so there is no silence. Move to a new location so you can hear clearly what God is saying and directing you to do.