Rest In God’s Favor!

At some point in life, we all have been challenged, threatened or confronted by problems or circumstances that caused us to become worried, fearful, or filled with anxiety. In those times, we sometimes tend to forget that we are not alone—that God is always with us. Not remembering that blessed truth doesn’t change the fact that, because He loves us so much, we have His divine favor (Isaiah 61:2). He is always ready, willing and able to take care of anything that is against us or that may try to separate us from Him. Not only does He control the universe, but He also watches over and takes care of your life.

A Measure of Faith!

We talked on Monday about “mustard-seed” faith—that tiny bit of faith that God honors and blesses because He recognizes it as being real, true and sincere—and the truth that it doesn’t have to be BIG faith. But here’s something to remember: God responds to prayers based on a full knowledge that He is the God who supplies all your needs according to His riches (Philippians 4:19). He not only gives you what you need, but the Bible says that He will give you the desires of your heart, according to His will for your life (Psalm 37:4).

Use What You Have!

Yesterday marked the 28th anniversary of The Faith Center. It also served as a reminder to me of what faith in God’s Word, no matter how big or small, will do when it is properly applied. I like to say it this way: Faith in God will move mountains out of your life! This ministry was begun on what Jesus describes in Luke 17:6 as “mustard-seed” faith. It wasn’t “great faith,” as some would believe is required for God to move. But it was the kind of faith the Bible declares is necessary for God to move.

Living In Favor!

Faith. It’s what caused Carol and me to move from Brooklyn, N.Y., 34 years ago and put down new roots here in South Florida. It was what caused The Faith Center Ministries to be established 28 years ago this month. And today, it’s what’s keeping us all alive—joyfully and obediently serving God day by day. Everything that has been accomplished in and through this ministry—every heart touched, every soul saved, every life changed—has been because of faith in our God and obedience to His Word. It’s because of decisions each of us have made to step out and trust Him. And today, we’re reaping the benefits of God’s blessings through our obedience to Him.

Faith and Obedience!

I talk with people all the time whose faith journey is similar to mine. Like me, God spoke and told them to move and they obeyed—even when things looked bleak and it didn’t seem they could prosper and become successful. And because they stepped out in faith, determined to stand on God’s Word and not waiver, He honored their faith and blessed them beyond their wildest dreams.

I’m OK With Different!

Society is good about placing labels on people—especially Christians. Because we choose to not partake in the ungodly acts that are so prevalent in the world—things that oppose God and His Word—they view us as being different. The thing is, when you read what the Bible says about being like the world, you quickly realize how being labelled as different is not so bad.