Work Your Faith!

Athletes have it. Astronauts have it, too. So do entrepreneurs, musicians, scientists, and architects. Even Christians have it. What is it? Faith! They all had faith in someone or something that was instrumental in their

Be Led by the LIGHT!

Are you facing a Red Sea today? Is there some challenge or obstacle in front of you that you just can’t seem to navigate over or around? If so, first let me assure you that

Press Through to Victory!

Successful. Prosperous. Victorious! From a spiritual perspective, that’s how God sees you and me, and our position in this life. Actually, He can’t see us any other way because, as His children, we are just

Faith for Every Challenge!

The days ahead for all of us are filled with great responsibility and challenges as we deal with everything from family relationships and health issues to employment and finances. But as we approach these times,

Lift Up Your Sword!

Ever felt like you’re going in the wrong direction—that you were not on the right path? I can imagine that’s how the Israelites felt when they came up against the massive Red Sea. They must

Open Your Mouth and Speak!

This month we’ve been looking at Moses and the children of Israel, and the huge challenge they faced at the Red Sea. After the Lord removed His presence from in front of them and moved