Celebrate Your Freedom!

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July—the day we celebrate the birth of our nation through the signing on July 4, 1776 of the Declaration of Independence. Over time, America has come to be called the

Your Giants Will Fall!

Are there giants in your life? Before you answer, consider what a giant is. A giant is anything that presents itself to be bigger than you and something you don’t feel you can conquer. It’s

Have a Positive Friday!

  As many of you know, I’ve declared Friday as “Giving Friday.” It’s a day when we take a look at ourselves and our lives, acknowledge the many blessings God has given us, and be

Strength Through Weakness!

You may be wondering, How is it even possible to get strength through weakness? After all, they are two extreme opposites. Well, when you look at it in the natural then you’re absolutely correct. But

A Giving Father!

Sunday is Father’s Day. So, on this “Giving Friday” I want to talk to you about our heavenly Father, and how He set the standard for giving when He graciously gave His only Son, Jesus,

Reject Fear, Embrace Faith!

What do you do when faced with a difficult or trying situation—when something bad happens and you can’t or don’t know how to handle it? At one time or another, this happens to us all.