Which God Are You Serving?

As believers, how we respond to the things of God—the way we conduct ourselves in and out of His presence, and whether we obey His Word—speaks volumes regarding our walk with the Lord. If you’re

Special In His Sight!

Many people have a difficult time when it comes to feeling good about themselves. Hopefully you’re not one of them. But just in case there are times when you experience low self-esteem, let me remind

Just Like Him!

Ever look at yourself in the mirror and wonder things like, Who am I? Why am I here. What is my purpose in life? More importantly, have you ever wondered what God thinks about you?

Are You There?

I find it interesting that, despite the convenience of smart phones and their ability to make calls, and send text messages and even emails, we still sometimes find it hard to contact people when we

Someone to Talk To!

Ever needed someone to talk to, or a shoulder to cry on, but no one seemed interested in hearing what you had to say? Everyone’s too busy—preoccupied or disinterested. Instead of being disappointed, or letting

Trying to Please!

You do your best to live in peace with everyone, always willing to help and graciously submitting to authority—just like God’s Word tells you. But lately, you have become so stressed and concerned with pleasing