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Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

That’s how I desire to see you end this month and, in fact, for the rest of your life—happy, worry-free and allowing God to handle all your cares! That’s what the Bible encourages in

Keep Your Hope Alive!

Ever wonder how Jesus’ disciples, and the others who followed Him, felt after His seeing their Master nailed to a cross and eventually wrapped in death clothes and His body buried in a tomb?

Hope Through Faith!

There’s a good possibility that, at some time or another, you’ve heard of someone who was in such a desperate situation that they were about to “lose all hope.” Literally, that expression is the

Wealth Is on the Way!

What if I told you someone had placed enough money in an account in your name to take care of every need you could possibly have for the rest of your life? Suppose I

A Better Image of Love!

On Wednesday, many will observe Valentine’s Day. It’s that specific day each year when we express love for that special someone through flowers, gifts, kind words, and maybe even a nice dinner. But truthfully,

A Perfect Peace!

On Monday, I showed you why you never have to be afraid. But just in case you’re still a bit fretful, in case you’re hesitant to take hold of God’s promises to never leave