Stay In Faith, Not Fear!

When God saw that Joshua was about to slip over into fear after the death of Moses, He instructed His servant to be “strong and courageous.” He told Joshua: “No one will be able to

Stand Your Ground!

I’ve said this before, but in light of what’s taking place in our world today, it’s worth repeating: As a believer you will never be free from the attacks of the enemy. Not in this

Faith to Stand!

It’s true that the infectious coronavirus pandemic called COVID-19 has sent our nation, as well as other nations, into a serious tailspin. Sadly, the effects of this dreaded disease have evoked a strong degree of

Are You Up for the Challenge?

I don’t have to remind you that, as the year progresses you will face many challenges—some much larger and more challenging than others. In fact, some of the things that confront you will appear so

Faith to Succeed!

As a pastor, I can’t help but become sad when I read or hear about things like increasing divorce rates, or bankruptcies, or foreclosures. Even more hurtful is the fact that many of those victimized

Live the Faith Life!

What does the phrase “the faith life” mean to you? If you’re truly sold out to God, then it should mean that you live your life trusting in Him in everything and not depending on