Lock In Your Destination!

Some of you reading this will remember the pre-GPS navigation days, when getting from one destination to another required the use of a roadmap. But with today’s technology, all we have to do is enter

So, You Think I Can’t Make It?

There are forces of darkness all around us sending negative messages that suggest this coronavirus pandemic we’re facing is going to destroy us; that it is going to cripple our faith in God, paralyze and

I’ve Had Enough!

I’m sure at some time or another you’ve uttered those words. So, let me ask you: What is it that you’ve had enough of and why? Are you tired of your children being unruly and

Still Worth It!

Too often, we allow past failures to dictate our future—to cause us to see ourselves as unworthy of God’s blessings and think we’ll never amount to anything. We struggle to find our identity or recognize