Is Your Love Human, or Agape?

It’s February, and for many, our thoughts are already focused on Valentines’ Day. It’s the one day each year when many go all out to express their love to those dearest to them. So, let

Position Matters!

As we discovered on Monday, it’s important to recognize that your position, where you are, matters—especially if you’re a believer. The greatest position to be found in is having Jesus Christ as top priority in

The Right Place!

Likely, you’ve heard the expression “being in the right place at the right time” before. It’s a phrase that literally means being in the location where something good is about to happen exactly when it’s

Redeem the Time!

In Ephesians 5:16, New Living Translation, the Bible tells us to “Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days.” The Message says, “Don’t waste your time on useless work, mere busywork, the barren

Go In His Strength!

Just like the Good Samaritan we read about last week, God has a plan and purpose for you to bless others—to do something out of the ordinary that will affect good change in their lives.

Do the ‘Greater Works’!

We began Monday’s devotion with a familiar saying that goes: “When one door closes, God will open another one.” The original version of that quote, which comes from the famous inventor Alexander Graham Bell, says: