Faith or Fear?

Are you living by faith, or are you living in fear? Here’s something to think on: Life lived without faith is life lived in fear. I know that may come as a surprise that I

How Will You Answer?

Ever wonder what God thinks when He sees how we respond or react to certain situations—especially when it comes to standing against the devil and not walking in fear? Something tragic happens, like a hurricane

A Perfect Peace!

Are you afraid today? I know, you’re probably wondering why I would ask such a question—especially in the times we’re living in today. With all the negatives reports we’re hearing daily, in the natural, it

Stand Against Fear!

Does the coronavirus pandemic have you living in fear? Are you worried and fretful, wondering if you’re going to become infected, or what to do to stay safe? Let me encourage you that, when fear

Stay In Faith, Not Fear!

When God saw that Joshua was about to slip over into fear after the death of Moses, He instructed His servant to be “strong and courageous.” He told Joshua: “No one will be able to

Stand Your Ground!

I’ve said this before, but in light of what’s taking place in our world today, it’s worth repeating: As a believer you will never be free from the attacks of the enemy. Not in this